Now I see why Linus dislike Gnome3

Last night I update my laptop to Gnome 3.2, delivered by archlinux. In order to experience a fresh Gnome 3.2, I removed .gconf and .config/dconf.

  1. Can not customize keyboard layout (to be exact, can not make CapsLock another Ctrl), though it appears right in keyboard layout setting window.
  2. Can not change wallpaper, though it appears right in preview of wallpaper setting window.
  3. Power management applet disappeared after I login to desktop. Tough it do exist in GDM step.
  4. Theme is really wired (seems a fail-safe one) and gnome-tweak-tool seems doing nothing about GTK+ theme.
  5. I have no idea how above issue happens, even as an experienced Gnome user. .xsession-errors gives nothing useful this time.
AFAICS, Gnome 3.2 is just semi-finished. The existence of issue 2 is just beyond my imagination. It is well known that Linus blames Gnome. Now I'm with him.